Pat Harper Hypnotherapy, Wiltshire: time for change

Hypnotherapy can help with many different issues. Weight loss and stopping smoking are just two of the best known, and there are many other behaviours, thoughts and habits which hypnotherapy can help to change.

Some of the issues which can be helped (not an exhaustive list by any means)

...and many more

Know what you want - and want to change

The most important criteria for change are that you know what you want, and you really want to change. With a positive mindset right from the start, you can make great changes with the help of hypnotherapy. You don't even have to believe it will help: many people turn to hypnotherapy as a desperate last resort, having tried just about everything else, with little or no success, and don't really believe that hypnotherapy can help either. And change, then, is all the more wonderful.

Free consultation

The 30-minute consultation is free, and is a time for you to get to know me, as well as to tell me about what you want. We need to be able to work well and comfortably together, so it's really important that you meet me before deciding to go ahead. Come with an open mind, and a willingness to be open and honest about what's troubling you: from there we can both decide the best way forward.

If you do decide to give yourself time for a change, you may well amaze yourself.




Testimonial: fear of public speaking

My heart beat so loud before my reading I was sure my husband could hear. Then I walked to the front of the church…and I felt calm, I paused to look at everyone and read it - perfect pace and with the right tone. I had so many compliments I was blown away. So THANK YOU. I loved giving the reading - I really can’t tell you how much. It could have been such a different experience. I know this sounds conceited, but as I read it I just knew I was good. A totally new experience for me.

September 2018. From the mother of the bridegroom who was very nervous about doing a reading at her son’s wedding and had avoided public speaking all her professional life.

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