Weight loss with hypnotherapy

To achieve weight loss and maintain a healthy weight is all about changing our eating habits and moving more. Easy peasy.

So why is weight loss SO HARD?

Why do we keep on eating too much?

We always over-eat for a reason. A reason that's probably no longer relevant, or one we consciously know about. But our subconscious does, and it keeps us over-eating because it used to be beneficial to us in some way.  Diets address the conscious desire to lose weight, but they don't address the unconscious need to keep eating. Which is why we can achieve eight loss by consciously depriving ourselves. And which is why we nearly always put that weight back on again (and more) when we go back to eating normally.

Change eating habits

Hypnotherapy addresses those unconscious needs to over-eat. Such needs drive our eating habits such as snacking, clearing the plate, eating when you're not hungry, having a sweet tooth, and comfort eating. All these habits helped us at some point in our lives, but now we want to be different, and to stop doing something which makes us fat and unhappy.

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve weight loss, and maintain a healthy weight, by

  • resolving those unconscious needs
  • helping you to feel fuller, faster and for longer
  • helping you to eat slowly and  listen to our body when it says 'I'm full'
  • making biscuits or snacks irrelevant
  • helping to motivate you to move more

Tom Kerridge, the Michelin-starred chef who lost 12 stone, said - 'There's a VERY good reason why the word 'diet' starts with the word 'DIE'.

Hypnotherapy doesn't do diets: it does change.

Hypno-Gastric Band vs positive suggestions hypnotherapy

After we've had a chat about what weight loss you want to achieve, you can decide consciously which way you'd like to lose weight. I can also ask your unconscious to make the decision, and to let you know which is the right way for you. (yes, really). Both methods work, and one might be better for you than the other. If your unconscious can tell you, you're more likely to achieve success. Find out more about Hypno-Gastric Band here.

Weight loss hypnotherapy wiltshire
Weight loss with hypnotherapy

Testimonial: weight loss

My relationship with food was awful. All slimming clubs and diets I ride just cost me lots of money but only made me feel bad every time I indulged in a piece of chocolate, cake etc. and I ended up piling even more weight on in the end. One day I thought I need to do something to have energy again and get back to my former self. So I went to see Pat for hypnotherapy. I will never look back. I had 5 sessions and religiously listened to my recordings Pat send me. Within a month I lost 1stone (still got some more to shift but I know I will get there) got more energy and people notice a difference in me as a person. But best of all I don't feel deprived of anything. I eat cake, ice cream, chocolate and all other food but just choose healthy options. It comes automatically. This is all thanks to Pat. I can only recommend to try hypnotherapy.

June 2017. Lady who struggled with her weight because of boredom and emotional eating.

This is an extract from a longer version which is available on the Testimonials page.