Testimonials for Pat Harper Hypnotherapy

Fear of driving

I am so grateful to Pat for my hypnotherapy sessions. I had a long standing fear of driving and dislike of being a passenger. I’ve had refresher driving lessons over the years to try to help me but nothing solved the problem.

When hypnotherapy was suggested to me by two different friends, I could not see how it could possibly help. I had never experienced hypnotherapy and was rather scared of trying it. I thought that I might feel vulnerable, or worse, out of control.

However, my sessions with Pat were amazing. Pat made me feel welcome, she stopped me feeling silly about my fear and was incredibly positive that together we could tackle it. Pat has a wonderful way of explaining everything, so I felt utterly safe and completely in control of myself. I did not feel vulnerable and that is testament to Pat and her lovely way.
I felt completely relaxed, to the point that afterwards, I didn’t walk home, I floated! Incredibly and quite miraculously, I was amazed to find a complete shift in my mind-set about cars and driving, even after the first session. The second session opened my eyes to my problem and made me understand myself. It took away the fear. This was an absolute gift. I felt like the fear that had laid within me, shooting out poison tentacles whenever I thought about driving, had been removed. This is incredibly freeing and wonderful.

The sessions also had very welcome side effects! I have slept incredibly well ever since. I have come to understand myself and the way I think and process things. This is a revelation!
So, ‘Thank You’ Pat. You are a miracle worker and I am very grateful. I would say to anybody considering trying hypnotherapy with Pat – ‘Don’t think about it. Just make an appointment and prepare to be amazed.’

October 2018

Weight loss with Hypno Gastric Band

Having been overweight for most of my adult life and having tried many different slimming clubs with varying levels of success (lose some weight and then put it back on and more) I decided something had to change. I met with Pat and we talked at length about the changes I wished to make – lose weight and keep it off. I also had little self-confidence.

I decided to have the HypnoGastric band fitted. Before the band fitting Pat helped me address the reasons for my overeating and what a revelation that was.

Had the band fitted at my third session. I could hear the sounds of theatre, smell the anaesthetic and hear my surgeon. I must stress that the band is not a magic cure, you have to work at it and I am so glad I did. I am losing weight slowly, making the right food choices, eating much smaller portions. My whole attitude to food has changed. I am relaxed and happy with my food choices and I savour every mouthful.

Pat is such a wonderful lady she really listens to you, straight talking and has such a desire to help you. I trust her implicitly and I am so glad I began this journey with her.

After a session with Pat you don’t want to wake up, you feel as though you are cocooned in cotton wool and floating on a cloud. You awaken feeling, relaxed, happy and refreshed.

I cannot recommend Pat highly enough – she has changed my life. My self-confidence has returned and I feel so happy.

July 2018


Well, what can I say; after being poorly at the end of last year I was left suffering with mild anxiety where the easiest of jobs to perform had become a struggle, I was broken. Pat has helped me greatly without her I feel my children and husband would never of got their Mother and wife back. Don’t get me wrong some sessions were hard and there were tears but with each session came a stronger me and I am back going to fitness classes, shopping on my own and doing the school run easily. I am still seeing her for different things now!
Thanks Pat you helped me so much, you put me back together!!!

August 2018

Stress and anxiety

I want to say a massive thank you for all your help over the last few weeks, the sessions have really been helping me and I'm still using the recordings at night and will continue to do so. You really have helped me.

June 2018

Becoming a non-smoker

I really appreciate what you done for me, I’ve not had a cigarette since 09/04/18 . My last cigarette was on that day at 11 o’clock and since reviving your treatment I’ve not bothered since You’re recording in my drop box are very relaxing and with your permission I would like to keep them, i don’t know what you done but it has worked the rest is down to will power and you taught me that, (thank you ) on the second week i had cravings but one thing that stuck in my head was you saying I’m a cigarette i don’t need you go away it works for me and I’m so pleased for what you have done .
So many thanks for what you have done .thank you. My reason for sending you this email is that I can’t attend my appointment witch as you said came in with my treatment you at a great person and once again thank you for making me non smoker .this is all so to let you know I won’t be keeping my appointment on 24/04/18 which you said was free as it was part of my treatment.
But I would like to a sure you it was successful.

April 2018

Fear of public speaking

My heart beat so loud before my reading I was sure my husband could hear. Then I walked to the front of the church…and I felt calm, I paused to look at everyone and read it - perfect pace and with the right tone. I had so many compliments I was blown away. So THANK YOU. I loved giving the reading - I really can’t tell you how much. It could have been such a different experience. I know this sounds conceited, but as I read it I just knew I was good. A totally new experience for me.

From the mother of the bridegroom who was very nervous about doing a reading at her son’s wedding and had avoided public speaking all her professional life. September 2018

Finger picking and chewing

Pat is a positive, warm, funny, understanding and patient lady, and I never once felt embarrassed talking to her about my habit of picking and biting the skin around my fingers. I had been doing it on and off for over 20 years, leaving my fingers bleeding and sore in times of stress. As a 37 year old professional and mother of two, I had passed so many milestones at which I thought “now I really have to stop” but every time I tried, I would start again, often without even realising I was doing it until the damage was done.

Once I decided that I needed help, I was incredibly fortunate to find Pat, and within a few short weeks of seeing her I have simply stopped, naturally, and without feeling like I was trying.

Pat took the time to find out what was going on my head, to put past hurts to bed and to access and listen to the part of me that really wanted to stop. The most important thing Pat helped me to realise was: I could do it - because deep down I really wanted to.

I would heartily recommend hypnotherapy with Pat. To anyone who has started giving up hope that you can change how you feel about something, or how you react to stress or other situations, Pat is the lady to help you.

Pat - thank you. You are brilliant.

August 2018

Pain control

My brother had an extremely debilitating stroke 3 years ago, which damaged nerves, leaving him in severe pain. This meant multi-medication which does not really work for nerve pain, but that is what has been prescribed. I heard about hypnotherapy to help cope with pain and arranged an appointment with Pat. He was extremely impressed, and we are all hoping that this is the start of a big improvement. He has very high hopes. Pat was superb - very helpful, professional and friendly, and Dom said he will now find a hypnotherapist in his own area of the country - sadly he is too far from here to have regular appointments with Pat. Thank you Pat - you really are a star. [Well 5 actually!

July 2018

Anxiety and anxious habits

Despite my initial prejudice against any form of alternative medicine, I have to admit that I have benefitted enormously from our sessions at the clinic as well as from using the discs that you provided for use at home. The relaxation therapy that you practice not only helped me to recover from the viral infection, that I believe I had, but also has provided me with some useful tools for avoiding any occurrence of similar symptoms in the future. Very much a long-term gain!

Regarding the latest disc (I almost said album!),  this is the best by far. The madrigal style music is wholly appropriate to the relaxation process, and augments your voice-over perfectly. Thanks again for what you did, and should I have a similar problem in the future, I will not hesitate to give you a call.

March 2018


I have thus far had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Pat and slowly but surely it is transforming my life! I had experienced hypnotherapy before and found it helpful to a point, but Pat's session have exceeded my expectations. I suppose the way it differed from my previous sessions is that, for every session we've had, she has made me a personal recording to take home to which I can listen any time. It is the repetition of listening as well as having a therapy 'crutch' to take home which is just so beneficial. I have noted vast improvements in my confidence, even though this wasn't even the main issue I came to see her for.

Pat as a therapist is dedicated, enthusiastic and so passionate and driven. She makes you feel at ease and gives you hope that change is possible. You can tell that she really wants to change people's lives for the better, Her rates are extremely reasonable as well for the amount of time she gives you per session.

If you think hypnotherapy is something weird or has to do with being under hypnosis or out of control, think again. It is nothing like that. It is a very grounding form of therapy which deals with deep routed issues and beliefs in a simple yet highly effective and comfortable manner. I fell asleep 3 times during our last session, that is completely unheard of for somebody who is as stressed as I am!

Give it a try you will not regret it.

April 2018