Quit smoking

You know all the reasons to quit smoking. There are all the health reasons, of course, and the desire to stop smelling like an old ashtray. And there's hardly anywhere you can smoke these days. You've seen all those horrible pictures on the cigarette packets, and you're probably completely fed up with everyone telling you you've got to stop smoking.

So why don't you?

Cigarettes con you

Well, cigarettes are clever little blighters. They make you think that smoking relaxes you, whereas it's the deep breath in that does that. Along with the fact that you're usually having a break.  Nicotine is actually a stimulant which increases your blood pressure - hardly relaxing.

Addiction or habit?

They make you think you're addicted to the nicotine, whereas all traces of nicotine are gone within 48 hours of your last cig. So hardly an addiction. It's actually part of a habit: coffee = cigarette, break = cigarette, car = cigarette, drink = cigarette. Replace 'cigarette' with, say, pulling your earlobe. If you pulled your earlobe every time you had a coffee/break/car journey/drink for 20 years, it would feel very odd if you suddenly stopped doing it. But only odd. No physical addiction there - just a change in habit.

Self hypnosis

Even more cleverly, they actually hypnotise you into the moment, into the 'right now'. The possible/likely future of ill health or early death is as NOTHING compared to the here and now, because it's just one cigarette, right? When of course it's never 'just one'. Well, the very first one is 'just one' - but from then on, it's always 'one MORE'. Just think of that great teetering mountain of all the cigarettes you've ever smoked - it's towering over you, getting more and more unstable, and you never know which cigarette will be the one that makes it topple over and bury you.

Clever little things. Nasty, but clever.

Quit smoking and become a healthy non-smoker

So quitting smoking, and becoming a healthy non-smoker, isn't about frightening you to death with things you already know about. It's about making your unconscious realise that all the good things smoking supposedly gives you are there for the taking without offering up your life to the tobacco companies.

And that's how hypnotherapy can help you you to quit smoking and become a non-smoker. Often it takes just one session.

Quit smoking fee

Become a non-smoker: £130.00. Fee includes main session, 2 recordings, and follow-up 2 weeks later.

Stop smoking

"I really appreciate what you did for me, I’ve not had a cigarette since 09/04/18. My last cigarette was on that day at 11 o’clock and since receiving your treatment I’ve not bothered since. Your recordings in my drop box are very relaxing and with your permission I would like to keep them, i don’t know what you did but it has worked the rest is down to will power and you taught me that, (thank you ) on the second week i had cravings but one thing that stuck in my head was you saying I’m a cigarette i don’t need you go away it works for me and I’m so pleased for what you have done .
So many thanks for what you have done . thank you.

April 2018. A non-smoker who used to be a smoker.