Phobias: Illogical but powerful

There are more phobias than you can possibly imagine, and many of us are perplexed by our own. You know it's illogical. You know it's irrational. You know that button/spider/lift/hole/chicken can't hurt you. You know that fear of flying is nonsense, because flying is far safer than being in a car. You feel ridiculous. BUT nothing you tell yourself makes any difference at all - you just react with shallow breathing, racing heart, feeling sick, and a desperate need to get away from whatever it is.

What is going on with this phobia?

You're showing all the classic symptoms of the age-old 'freeze, fight or flee' response, the aim of which is to protect you and keep you safe. Something happened at some point in your life which frightened you, or made you feel really bad in some way. Your unconscious took note of how bad that something made you feel. It also determined never to let you experience those bad feelings again. So anything that reminds your unconscious of that originating event triggers the freeze, fight or flee response, which stops you in your tracks. And that means you won't do whatever it is that once made you feel bad. Ta da! - a phobia.

How hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in getting rid of phobias like fear of flying, fears, and memories of traumatic events. One of the most powerful techniques is the Rewind Technique, which can change how you feel about the cause of your phobia, and to reduce or remove the attached emotion. You'll know something used to happen, but you'll feel entirely different about it.

If necessary, hypnotherapy can also help you to find out what that very first event was. That 'aha moment' from the past can help you feel quite differently about your phobia in the present, and can be properly dealt with in the safety of hypnosis.

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Testimonial: fear of driving

However, my sessions with Pat were amazing. Pat made me feel welcome, she stopped me feeling silly about my fear and was incredibly positive that together we could tackle it. Pat has a wonderful way of explaining everything, so I felt utterly safe and completely in control of myself. I did not feel vulnerable and that is testament to Pat and her lovely way.
I felt completely relaxed, to the point that afterwards, I didn’t walk home, I floated! Incredibly and quite miraculously, I was amazed to find a complete shift in my mind-set about cars and driving, even after the first session. The second session opened my eyes to my problem and made me understand myself. It took away the fear. This was an absolute gift. I felt like the fear that had laid within me, shooting out poison tentacles whenever I thought about driving, had been removed. This is incredibly freeing and wonderful.

October 2018: lady with a long-standing fear of driving

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