Anxiety, stress and panic attacks

Anxiety and stress, including panic attacks, are increasingly a problem of modern life. Some stress is A Good Thing, as the stress response helps us stay alert, motivated and focused on the task at hand. But when we have anxiety and stress all the time, our thoughts never stop and the stress hormones stay in our body. So we never get a chance to really calm down.

Constant stress can lead to anxiety and panic attacks, so learning to manage stress is better than letting it manage you.

What is anxiety and stress?

When we were cavemen living on our wits and coming across sabre-tooth tigers, our stress response - to freeze, fight or flee - protected us and ensured our survival. We could either freeze until the danger passed, stand up and fight (and eat for a month), or run away. Once the decision was made and the action taken, the stress hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol weren't needed any more, the body re-balanced and we calmed down.

We meet only metaphorical sabre-tooth tigers now, but our bodies still react the same way to stress, whether real or imagined. It's when we experience stress too often or for too long, or when the negative feelings overwhelm our ability to cope, then problems arise. Continuous activation of the stress response can lead to anxiety and panic attacks, causes wear and tear on our body, and we may feel more tired, have mood swings, feel more irritable than usual, and find it difficult to fall or stay asleep.

Relax with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is based on deep relaxation, and learning how to relax both mind and body can have a positive effect, even before anything else is done. Unmanageable stress or anxiety response can be resolved and replaced with a calmer reaction. Specific breathing patterns and other techniques can help you manage and gain control over your thoughts and feelings, and positive suggestions can show the unconscious new ways of dealing with stressful events before it triggers that unwanted anxiety or panic attack.

Hypnotherapy can help stress-related illness

Many physical illnesses, even if not caused by stress, can be exacerbated by it. For example, stress can make IBS worse.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recognises hypnotherapy as one treatment for IBS, and hypnotherapy is listed on the IBS Network's website (


Anxiety, stress and panic attacks manage with hypnotherapy, wiltshire

Testimonial: finger chewing

Once I decided that I needed help, I was incredibly fortunate to find Pat, and within a few short weeks of seeing her I have simply stopped, naturally, and without feeling like I was trying.

Pat took the time to find out what was going on my head, to put past hurts to bed and to access and listen to the part of me that really wanted to stop. The most important thing Pat helped me to realise was: I could do it - because deep down I really wanted to.

I would heartily recommend hypnotherapy with Pat. To anyone who has started giving up hope that you can change how you feel about something, or how you react to stress or other situations, Pat is the lady to help you.

July 2018. Lady who had chewed and picked her fingers for over 20 years when anxious.

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